Focus and Scope

We intend to encourage scientists to publish their applied and theoretical research on the Aspects of Social Evolution of Europe, Economics of European Union, Managerial Aspects of European Integration, European Union Policies, European Union Law and will pay a special attention to the joint research in these areas.


Peer Review Process

Every single contribution submitted to European Integration Studies and selected for a peer-review will be sent to two or more independent reviewers, selected by the editors and sometimes by more if further advice is required (e.g., on statistics or on a particular technique). Authors are welcome to suggest suitable independent reviewers and may also request the journal to exclude certain individuals. The primary purpose of the review is to provide the editors with the information necessary to make a decision. The review should also instruct the authors on how to strengthen their paper up to the point where it should be acceptable. A negative review should explain to the authors the weaknesses of their manuscript, so that rejected authors are able to understand the basis for the decision and see, in broad terms, what needs to be done to improve the manuscript in order to be published anywhere.

Scientific journal is published once a year (in October).

Publication Frequency

Scientific journal is published once a year (in October).

Article Submission Charge – No

Open Access Policy

In this magazine published information is allowed to use in other Web sites, traditionalmedia, distribution in non-commercial purposes, but it is necessary to provide the "EUROPEAN INTEGRATION STUDIES" as the source of information.

Journal History

Since 2002, Faculty of Social Sciences, Arts and Humanities (former Institute of Europe) (Kaunas University of Technology) prepares and publishes scientific works under the theme of European Integration. Starting 2007 year the journal has got an ISSN code. At the present the annual scientific journal European Integration Studies (ISSN 1822-8402) is published once a year (in October).


All papers to be published in “EUROPEAN INTEGRATION STUDIES” are peer reviewed by two appointed external experts. The journal is published one time a year, ( October).

The papers published in “EUROPEAN INTEGRATION STUDIES” are abstracted by International Databases: